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Volleyball Girls are Beautiful “T”

I think it’s OK if I say here’s a picture of my most favorite volleyball player, my daughter.  I know I haven’t posted any pictures of her in the past but all you photographers out there know that it’s very hard to shoot pictures of your own children.  For some reason they don’t listen like other children do.  So to avoid what could be a frustrating experience on both my part and theirs, we just don’t take the picture!  {period}

However, this time was different.  My daughter wanted me to take a picture of her with her new car.  She just turned 16, got her license, and is now driving.  I guess that’s good enough milestone and warrants a celebration huh?!  And a picture of her taken by me, completes this wonderful occasion.  I love you T and I’m so proud of you!  Now drive carefully and no texting while driving and this goes to all of you out there…. {wink}

‘Til next time….



Joz Gosh T! I don’t know why you don’t want your pictures taken, you’re gorgeous girl! Love the wheels and your shoes! Drive safe! 🙂

Jenny H. Sonya your daughter is beautiful. Congrats on the new car. Lucky girl!

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