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Sonya Martin is an accomplished photographer with a spirit that can fill any room! With over 7 years of photography experience she is recognized by her clients as a concerned professional that is dedicated to carefully capturing their special moments with splendor and charm. Sonya's sensibilities allow her to expose the beauty of expression that consumes a moment, frame-by-frame, thus giving her clients a true reason to pause. Beautifully unabashed and not one to disappoint, Sonya offered this when asked about her style, "When servicing a client I feed off of their energy and even draw from the atmosphere we are in during a shoot. I've found that it's better to embrace what the moment gives you than to try and manipulate a reaction that just wasn't meant to happen. I believe that photography is best executed when it is authentic and believable, and on my best days I capture that magic with wonderful delight."

Sonya has had the luxury of shooting Brian Urlacker, Devin Hester, Charles Tillman, Magic Johnson, Matt Forte, Stedman Graham and countless others. She has also photographed recording artist K Jon, Grammy award winner Joe Simon, and has also captured a number of athletes along with their families.

When separated from her camera Sonya enjoys spending time with her 3 beautiful children.