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Finally! I’m blogging (it only took forever).

Well I’ve decided to actually start blogging. This past year has been very interesting being a Chicago photographer. I normally shoot just available light. But over the last year I’ve had this fascination with studio lighting.  I’m really getting into it. But I must admit, I love all aspects of photography. But mostly the people I meet. I hope in some way I make their lives just a little bit better. I try to bring a little fun to every photo session. My hope is that the photos they receive from me brings them a sense of joy. I want to make them laugh and remember the time they had with me (in a good way).

So I’ve been shooting a lot of the Chicago Bears wives.  They are not models BUT they are extremely beautiful. Looking at them on the outside you can see how their men choose them. But when spending time with them and talking to them you find out that there is so much more to them than just beauty. These women are wonderful mothers, wives, athletes themselves, co partners in foundations and just downright(is this one word or two?) beautiful people. I was very surprised to find out they had such strong foundations. And they’re young. So young!

So I’m gonna post a couple pics I shot of “D” in the studio. Can I say she worked it.


angela peterson go DIANA!!!!! hoooooooooot!

lori Sonya,

I went to your website. You do absolutely amazing work. I want you to take pics of my kids. I love love love the pictures you posted. This woman is beautiful. I am curious. Who is she married to? Thanks for finally blogging:-)

DSimon What an “Awesome” photographer! I love your work. The senior pictures that you took of my daughter are simply amazing. You managed to capture her personality, while highlighting her beauty. I can’t wait for you to shoot my family.

Keisha Absolutely Beautiful! I knew Diana is beautiful but your photography makes her look amazingly beautiful & might I add my haircut is pretty FLY. Great job love to see you doing big things.

Brigette Sonya you truly have outdone yourself. Your photography is truly breathtaking and amazing. In all your pictures you capture everyone’s personality. Beautiful pictures.

Laura Jacobson Sonya,

I love your work. You have a great talent. So much fun getting to know you through our daughter, Maggie, and volleyball!


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