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Hollywood in Chicago

You all know how much I love shooting pregnant women. Well this was no exception. I pull up to this beautiful home and a beautiful blonde woman answers the door with a big smile. She was glowing. She was about 38 weeks pregnant, still skinny and absolutely gorgeous.

So I’m looking around their house at photos, and I see her husband and I’m thinking, “Wow they look like a Hollywood couple!” He gets there and he’s good looking too. The session was so much fun. “G” the husband was hilarious.  And “K” was wearing stilettos at 38 weeks!!!! But the best thing about this couple is that they are genuinely good people. They welcomed us with open arms.  Marcus and I had a blast. Thanks guys for allowing us to share in this special time of your lives.

I’m posting their new arrival also. He’s like a lump of sugar! So sweet!!!



Until next time,




Jean P. They do look like a hollywood couple. Is that Greg Olson from the Bears? His wife is beautiful. Gorgeous photos.

kelly peterson OMG! These are stunning! I always follow you Sonya. You do amazing work.

Janine Burns Very pretty. The wife is stunning. I love Greg Olsen. He’s one of my favorite players. Nice job.

Beth W. I love your photos Sonya. They always make me smile. I’m sure they love them.

Sarah My favorite is the one of the baby on the bed. So precious.

P. Haynes I’ll say Hollywood in Chicago! Gorgeous couple. Their baby is beautiful. I wish you had shot my baby.

Diana These pictures are incredible!!!! You did it again Sonya.

Denise Wilson Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Teresa Having been blessed to know K and her family for many years, you could not have asked for a more beautiful model…both inside and out. Your photography is wonderful and truly captured their spirit.

bastcilk doptb Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for your provided information.

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