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Volleyball Girls are Beautiful

So I had a session with one of my daughter’s teammates. I personally think that we had the most beautiful team in the league. All the girls have their own unique look. They all had a lot in common. They are all really really good kids. They’re smart, respectful and loyal. And they all had a strong sense of camaraderie. We had a phenomenal coach also. I’d have to say this year was one of the best, and the parents were amazing. We all got along. We made some friends, and we had a great time all year. Volleyball is very demanding. You’re with these people pretty much every weekend, and I’m so thankful I loved these parents. It was so great. So I’m gonna post pics from my session with K. She was such a natural in front of the camera. She wasn’t shy. She moved so fluidly. I asked her if she’d been watching America’s Next Top Model, and of course she had. She’s beautiful. I can’t wait to shoot her again. Here she is!  Go Thunder!

Did I mention the girl in my header wearing jean shorts is a volleyballer too?  Told you volleyball girls are beautiful. I’m posting her soon.

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Brenda P Sonya, Volleyball girls are beautiful. This girl is gorgeous. I love your work. I’m an amateur photographer. I’d love to get some pointers.

Patricia Bailey I follow you on facebook. I just love your work. You always seem to capture such great expression with your subjects. I have to have you come to Atlanta and take pictures of my family. Great job.

Drew M. Nice blog. It looks good. And I like your post.

Jill Peters Beautiful!

Peter Kahn This girl is beautiful and you brought that out in her. Great work!

D Lo Great pics! Volleyball girls really are beautiful.

From a former-volleyball girl 🙂

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