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Such a “Sweet” Family

I just love Chicago!  You know why?  Here’s one reason…. can you say, “Blackhawks“?!  Yep, that’s right…I’ve  had the good fortune of shooting a few of the Blackhawks before they became World Champions!!!!  YEAH!  Anyway, I was at a signing for Blackhawks Champion, Cristobal Huet, when I met my new client.

We will call them the –>  “Sweet” family.  Mr. and Mrs. Sweet have three very handsome and active boys.  I don’t know where these boys get all their energy from.  Ahhh!  Can we say, pixie stick?! <– You’ll see what I mean.  I tell you, Mrs. Sweet surely has her hands full!  During the shoot, the boys kept running here, there and everywhere….  I should have worn my running shoes to be able to keep up!  Whew!

Overall, it was a very beautiful day at the shoot with the “Sweet” family, can’t you tell?  Hope you enjoy the wonderful photos below.

‘Til next time…

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